About the OHM-E+Lightplan Group

The OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group, made up by the companies within its name, is a reference in electrotechnical engineering projects.

In our résumé, we highlight the development of technologically innovative projects, where renewable energies have a crucial role. Sustainability and efficiency are key factors in the success of the solutions our clients are presented with.

To achieve these goals, it is of paramount importance to implement technologically advanced models (optical fiber, LEDs, etc.) that are suited to the traits of the environment that needs lighting, to optimize this suitability to the required demands, and also to promote lighting techniques with great economic, ergonomic and ecological advantages – their standards are according to those defined by the ‘GREENLIGHT’ European program, an official partner of LIGHTPLAN.

We face these challenges with an excellent team of collaborators, with great experience and professionalism, with training in various fields of engineering.

Their motivation, service quality and customer satisfaction are our boosts towards our commitment with technology and innovation.

OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN’s vision abides to a set of values and their purpose to follow their mission and goals: acting with integrity, competence, responsibility, and respecting business profitability and customer satisfaction, thus ensuring a better quality of life to the surrounding community.

The OHM-E+LIGHTPLAN group sustains its performance with key values, such as:

  • Customer orientation: fulfilling all contract requirements and their specificities with responsibility and accuracy;
  • Collaborators’ care: motivating the staff, continuously valuing it and providing good working conditions;
  • Social ethics: promoting honesty and respecting commitments and values;
  • Technical competence: updating and acquiring knowledge so that the service is done suitably;
  • Obligation fulfilling: legal, normative and regulation abiding.
Institutional Presentation
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Concluded Projects

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World presence

Morocco, France, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Angola, Mozambique, Switzerland, Greece, Brazil, Iraq, Algeria, Qatar, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, Ghana, Sao Tome, Russia, Macau, Philippines, South Korea, China.

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