André Gil Gusmão

André Gil da Silva Gusmão was born in Porto in 1986, where he carried out most of his training.

He has a degree and a Master’s in Electrotechnical Engineering from Porto Engineering Institute; he’s a member of the Engineers’ Order since 2016.

He started his professional career with the OHM-E group in 2012 and is, at the moment, a project manager of the company; he is also in charge of the departments for renewable energies and engineering consulting services with LIGHTPLAN.

He has recently carried out management and coordinating projects, within his field of expertise, with factories with i 4.0 technology.




Concluded Projects





World presence

Morocco, France, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Angola, Mozambique, Switzerland, Greece, Brazil, Iraq, Algeria, Qatar, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, Ghana, Sao Tome, Russia, Macau, Philippines, South Korea, China.

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